At New State, we try keep sharp. So when we learn a new skill or technique we try to apply it in some self initiated work. Every Monday we try to add an illustration to social media with the hashtag #mashupmonday or #mashupmonday. I did this one a couple weeks back, it's called LeBronatello. The image is an animated gif to give insight to my process. 

Passport to the arts

Recently, I've had the chance to work with the good people at the Freehold Borough arts council. They had this really great idea to challenge the people in the community to come out and see all of the cultural events our little town has to offer. My partner and I at New State took the opportunity to do some hand rendered artwork, along with a screen printed cover using a metallic water based ink. Oooooh, shiny o_O

Holiday Illustrations

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday! Check out these illustrations for New State. The overall theme was that the Holiday season makes us all a little bit nutty. So try not to get consumed by it and kick back, put on your favorite Christmas movie, and enjoy your time with loved ones. Ah, I wish there was more time in the day because we had plans for more of them but—alas, there's always next year. Happy 2016!  

Clark, you’ve got that crazy look in your eye again
Smiling’s my favorite!

The 1 in 68 Campaign—Autism Awareness

1 in 68 people are affected by autism in the United States and the numbers are on the rise. My son, Elijah was just recently diagnosed with autism. I always knew that he was unique, he showed an affinity for learning and academics at an early age. He was always able to retain information easily and could practically read by the age of 3, without a day of preschool. But Elijah also has his deficiencies. Around 2 years old we started to notice he repeated a lot of our speech, would not make eye contact, and was awkward in social situations. He struggled with "yes" and "no" questions, and it was hard to get and keep his attention. As soon as he was diagnosed with an ASD I felt like I had to do something to raise awareness, because I knew so little about it before it affected our life. So as part of my research on autism I found extraordinary people with ASDs and posted their stories to my instagram account. Finding these stories inspired me, and let me know that my son was going to be okay.