The 1 in 68 Campaign—Autism Awareness

1 in 68 people are affected by autism in the United States and the numbers are on the rise. My son, Elijah was just recently diagnosed with autism. I always knew that he was unique, he showed an affinity for learning and academics at an early age. He was always able to retain information easily and could practically read by the age of 3, without a day of preschool. But Elijah also has his deficiencies. Around 2 years old we started to notice he repeated a lot of our speech, would not make eye contact, and was awkward in social situations. He struggled with "yes" and "no" questions, and it was hard to get and keep his attention. As soon as he was diagnosed with an ASD I felt like I had to do something to raise awareness, because I knew so little about it before it affected our life. So as part of my research on autism I found extraordinary people with ASDs and posted their stories to my instagram account. Finding these stories inspired me, and let me know that my son was going to be okay.